a modern love story

you told me I was your sunset because I laughed in shades of lilac and magenta and my smile held specks of stolen sunlight   the scent of mahogany teakwood cologne whispered comfort, filled my lungs, and pulled me in a warm embrace   we danced on the green grass blades as we watched theContinue reading “a modern love story”

Black and White’s Love

without warning, the monotone sky gushes down and entangles me with its dreariness. it’s not an ugly sight but more so just heartbreaking. dull and lifeless. but the more i pay attention to my surroundings during this dreadfulness, the more i adapt and find beauty within. the grey, windy, rainy days resonate well with me.Continue reading “Black and White’s Love”

the universe’s muse

in case you needed to hear this, you are stitched together with stardust and yellow thread. there is magic pumping through your veins like the way your oversized heart pumps in your chest. it’s the kind of magic that will make every effort to find heaven and earth to make them yours. you are theContinue reading “the universe’s muse”