Black and White’s Love

without warning, the monotone sky gushes down and entangles me with its dreariness. it’s not an ugly sight but more so just heartbreaking. dull and lifeless. but the more i pay attention to my surroundings during this dreadfulness, the more i adapt and find beauty within. the grey, windy, rainy days resonate well with me.Continue reading “Black and White’s Love”

Quiet and Bold

  There’s nothing more compelling and intriguing to me than a human who walks into the room with confidence radiating off of them like a sun beam. I am in awe at the people that have these booming voices that bounce throughout the room and make their words flow like a beautiful river and somehowContinue reading “Quiet and Bold”


“She will not only climb mountains, she will move them too.” – a line from my favorite poem, Her Time by Lang Leav. Ever since I read this, these words have been laced thoroughly into the back of mind. The poem as a whole is extremely compelling; however, this specific line in itself is undoubtedlyContinue reading “Mountains.”