Every love I’ve ever had has killed me,

Every love I’ve ever had has killed me, they instill my mind with their earth soil eyes, Fueling my desires with their hands, Imagining a future with him, enjoying him watering me with artificial fulfillment. When I was little I used to love plants, their saturated skin and admirable growth. And so I picked them.Continue reading “Every love I’ve ever had has killed me,”

Black and White’s Love

without warning, the monotone sky gushes down and entangles me with its dreariness. it’s not an ugly sight but more so just heartbreaking. dull and lifeless. but the more i pay attention to my surroundings during this dreadfulness, the more i adapt and find beauty within. the grey, windy, rainy days resonate well with me.Continue reading “Black and White’s Love”

better days

there are days where my darkness decides to take a breath of fresh air. i never thought about how exhausting it could be to nag at someone’s mind unceasingly, to suffocate their heart constantly. there are never good days, never great days – just ‘better’ days. these are the days where the surface enclosing inContinue reading “better days”