Broken-hearted Abode

She opened the creaky door to her heart. There are patches on the roof, stitches holding torn pieces together. The garden of roses is begging for a torrential downpour and the shades of scarlet petals are fading to a deep taupe. The drought was the very worst. Her heart is grey but it still beats;Continue reading “Broken-hearted Abode”


I am building a home where the floors are made up of strength that creaks with courage in each step that walks all over it, where the walls are created with confidence and comfort. where the roof roars with security and forgiveness; it protects me from the tsunami tides but decides the sun should stillContinue reading “Home”

My Daughter’s Inheritance

my daughter’s soul will be made up of bedtime stories, colorful mosaics, and lemon drops. there will be flowers growing from her skin and ferocious fight in her blood. i will tell her how the constellations in the night sky mimic the freckles on her cheeks, just the way mine do i will remind herContinue reading “My Daughter’s Inheritance”