Every love I’ve ever had has killed me,

Every love I’ve ever had has killed me, they instill my mind with their earth soil eyes, Fueling my desires with their hands, Imagining a future with him, enjoying him watering me with artificial fulfillment. When I was little I used to love plants, their saturated skin and admirable growth. And so I picked them.Continue reading “Every love I’ve ever had has killed me,”


I am building a home where the floors are made up of strength that creaks with courage in each step that walks all over it, where the walls are created with confidence and comfort. where the roof roars with security and forgiveness; it protects me from the tsunami tides but decides the sun should stillContinue reading “Home”

Quiet and Bold

  There’s nothing more compelling and intriguing to me than a human who walks into the room with confidence radiating off of them like a sun beam. I am in awe at the people that have these booming voices that bounce throughout the room and make their words flow like a beautiful river and somehowContinue reading “Quiet and Bold”

The Desire to Know

I am too full of life to do anything with half the passion. I walked into a church that I don’t normally go to today and an abundant amount of people came up and kindly welcomed me. And I just found myself wanting to know about these strangers. I wanted to know where they firstContinue reading “The Desire to Know”