Broken-hearted Abode

She opened the creaky door to her heart. There are patches on the roof, stitches holding torn pieces together. The garden of roses is begging for a torrential downpour and the shades of scarlet petals are fading to a deep taupe. The drought was the very worst. Her heart is grey but it still beats;Continue reading “Broken-hearted Abode”

a modern love story

you told me I was your sunset because I laughed in shades of lilac and magenta and my smile held specks of stolen sunlight   the scent of mahogany teakwood cologne whispered comfort, filled my lungs, and pulled me in a warm embrace   we danced on the green grass blades as we watched theContinue reading “a modern love story”


it was autumn. the sun rose earlier than normal, enveloping the world with light once again. those iridescent rays touched the hidden parts of those leaves and brought them to life once again. the mornings were so cold. brisk and bleak. the light from the sun was still touching those leaves but oh, how lonelyContinue reading “autumn”