Every love I’ve ever had has killed me,

Every love I’ve ever had has killed me, they instill my mind with their earth soil eyes, Fueling my desires with their hands, Imagining a future with him, enjoying him watering me with artificial fulfillment. When I was little I used to love plants, their saturated skin and admirable growth. And so I picked them.Continue reading “Every love I’ve ever had has killed me,”

8 Simple Steps to Loving Yourself

Nowadays, it’s so easy to fall into a hole of nitpicking little things about yourself or finding flaws within yourself. We focus on our insecurities and become incredibly blinded by them, preventing us from seeing our true beauty. You do it. I do it. We all do this. I remember when I used to cryContinue reading “8 Simple Steps to Loving Yourself”


Hey y’all!! Okay so a few people have messaged me and ask how I take my photos. My passion is creating new and pleasurable things that resemble my outlook so naturally, I love photography and always have- from thinking of an idea, to setting up and laying out the photo, to editing the photo toContinue reading “HOW TO TAKE BETTER PHOTOS”