I think it’s hard to condense any human being down into one tiny bio. But here’s to trying…

I am a Communication, Creative Writing, & Public Relations student. A mouthful, I know! Clearly from my majors, you can tell I am an indecisive person, especially because I don’t even know what I want to do with my life! But here’s some things I’m sure of: life is too short to waste it not having a voice or expressing yourself in a way that makes you feel strong. I love words and I think stringing them together to create meaning and a story is an amazing way to connect with others.

In my free time, I binge Grace and Frankie among every other show that’s adored on Netflix, get hand cramps from doodling and doing calligraphy, and embarrass myself in the worst way trying to get my sweet nephew, Carson, to laugh.

My goal for this page is to connect. I am constantly learning, evolving, and growing. Life is in a constant state of flux and writing is sometimes the only way to stay sane and still. Sharing my experiences with the world allows me to open myself up and also connect with others who might be feeling similarly or can relate in some way.

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