Tuesday morning ramblings

why are some days so much harder than others? some days I feel unstoppable – like determination and joy was woven into every part of me. other days just feel so heavy – as if I wrote my worries and aches down on paper and piled them on my desk, the desk would collapse and fall beneath the stacked sorrows, leaving nothing but a scattered mess that resembles my mind at times. 

I read these words the other day that stuck to me like a price tag on glass: we tend to filter out the bad moments so our memories become nothing but positive. so we remember our past as if it was a pleasant place to be, even if it wasn’t. it’s ironic, how we also do that with the present. with social media. with sharing our lives with others. we become almost embarrassed, so incredibly shy to share the pitch dark moments, the dooming and looming thoughts that aren’t fun, aren’t the slightest bit pretty, and definitely wouldn’t get a lot of likes on a post. 

I encourage you to take some time to write down the bad moments, even if it isn’t enjoyable. you don’t have to share them, you certainly don’t need to post them, but just let it all out instead of holding them inside. in fact, you can even write ’em all down then burn the paper.  

I just think that’s important, so very necessary to ensuring your mental stability – being in tune with your feelings and getting to the root of why you’re feeling the way you are. there’s always a reason. you’re allowed to feel this way. nobody is happy all of the time, and we were never designed to be. it’s not always going to be sunshine and lollipops (I know that’s a cliche but it’s true!). things are going to be difficult at times, but we deal with it in the best ways we know how. getting it out of your system will make you feel abundantly better. 

sometimes I second guess myself, especially my feelings, but always remember the way you feel is completely valid. say it to yourself over and over until you know it to be true. your feelings are valid. you are allowed to feel the way you do – whether it’s extreme and unfiltered joy, or distressed over somethbing as small as your shirt getting snagged on a corner, seriously! you’re human, you’re going to react. you’re going to have substantial emotions, and that is okay. 

here’s to the times that aren’t so lovely, but also here’s to the times where we can recognize we’re human + were capable of a plethora of feelings. we can be grateful for that, right? even when they suck.. or is that just me? haha, regardless, thanks for reading this far. have a great day + thanks for reading my morning ramblings. 

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