Mamma Mia, Here We Go Again – My 21st Birthday Party

My brother’s fiancee, Paige, is a party planner and so naturally, I asked if she would help plan my 21st birthday party. This year has been crazy and really hard for my family and friends, so I wanted to do something fun so that we could get together and celebrate. I love Mamma Mia and ABBA so much, but genuinely I just wanted an excuse to run with the Greece them. It’s so dreamy and elegant to me, and Paige did an amazing job at executing this into a beautiful party, especially because almost no one has Mamma Mia themed parties so it was hard to find inspiration and ideas.

The Invites

Untitled_Artwork 6.JPG

I drew up these invites, inspiration from Pinterest and Greece, and also stuck in the ABBA lyric because I thought it was funny and perfect


For drinks, we did BYOB. But we provided these really cute plastic and reusable cups that said ‘Hotel Bella Katie’ which plays into the Mamma Mia aspect, Donna’s hotel was ‘Hotel Bella Donna’. We also loved the idea of disco ball cups and they actually held A LOT more than I thought they would (like a whole White Claw fit in one). That giant disco ball bowl held some alcoholic punch. It was all so perfect.


My mom made these charcuterie boards and I’d like to think they look like a professional did them. We wanted everything to look elegant and classy, all while still tying into the Mamma Mia theme. Paige got Greek food, which I’ve never had before but it was all delicious. We had hummus, pita chips, spinach pastries, and



21 cake with flowers and Ice Cream Cone Cake Pops

Lexington Cake Lady Instagram

Mamma Mia Sugar Cookies

I’m OBSESSED with these Mamma Mia cookies. They are from a local cookie maker and she exceeded my expectations. Here’s the link to her Facebook page: Sam’s Cookies and Cupcakes

Gourmet Hand-Crafted Ice Cream

We also had an ice cream bar. Paige and my brother Kevin own their own small ice cream business called Pete’s Pints. I made the custom labels for the party and then we just put it on dry ice. Pete is their sweet doggo and mascot btw. Here’s a link to their Instagram page: Pete’s Pints Instagram

and their website: Petes Pints


My amazing dad made that window from scratch and we painted it too. Everything really was in the details and I loved every aspect.

“Photo Booth”

My brother Kevin made the balloon arch (thank you btw) and we had a ring light so the lighting was decent! Then, we had those gold and silver tassels and got a bunch of pasteboard to tape together and made that backdrop ourselves.

This was really the party of my dreams and I am so grateful to everyone who made it happen. It was fun being the DANCING QUEEN, YOUNG AND SWEET, just for one night and one night only 🙂

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One thought on “Mamma Mia, Here We Go Again – My 21st Birthday Party

  1. Hi Katie, stumbled upon your blog post on Pinterest whilst planning a surprise Mamma Mia birthday bash and wanted to say thanks for the inspiration and the photos!! Definitely copying some ideas 🙂 best wishes!


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