Mental Health Awareness Month

It’s Mental Health Awareness Month. 

I think it’s incredibly important to talk about mental health. I strive to be an advocate for those dealing with mental illnesses. 

Mental health is something i’ve always struggled with personally. I used to battle depression. I wage war with my anxiety every single day; some days are literally paralyzing and others I can finally catch my breath. I don’t think that if I told you that I have poor mental health you would ever know. I’m usually very bubbly, social and outgoing; I hide my anxiety well, I keep it to myself, and I have my own mechanisms to get through it. that’s the thing though – mental illness is an illness even though we can’t see it. Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Just because you don’t experience it doesn’t mean it isn’t real. 

We tend to put our care for our mental health in a box, wrap it up, and store it away with all our seasonal decorations. We brush it off as exhaustion, worry, lack of motivation, etc. and we say to ourselves, “this is life” and we accept it and then spiral downwards. But life shouldn’t feel like a chore. It shouldn’t be a dread to get out of bed. You shouldn’t constantly have to feel sorry or worried about everything you do. You shouldn’t need to grind your life away in order to survive.

Life is so much more than all of that. Life is more than the small moments when you feel hopeless or depressed or anxious. Trust me, i’ve been through it. I know what it’s like to feel like there’s nothing left for you. I know what it feels like to feel so much pressure on you, you feel like you might die. It saddens me when people think these feelings are over dramatic or insignificant. You cannot just stop what you are feeling in the blink of an eye.  It is HEAVY and CONTROLLING. It isn’t just a normal feeling you can talk yourself out of. 

Mental health is SO real and SO prevalent in today’s society with all the pressure and societal, financial, educational, (and so many more) standards put on EVERYONE. We need to be there for each other. Qe need to remember that EVERYONE is human and everyone has a story. We’ve all hit rock bottom, some have hit it more than others, but I will never be the one to see you at the bottom and not stick out my hand to try and help you get up from it. I want to lift others up as much as I can. if you’re at rock bottom, look towards the light. I am here for you. there are brighter days. you are loved and so valued. 

TL;DR – Remember to be kind. I hope you text your friend and ask how they are doing and truly listen. I hope you take care of yourself first.  

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in love with words & this life of mine.

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