A Dreamer’s Dream

I often dream of myself walking through the streets of Rome, savoring the golden sunlight. I’m alone but I’m enjoying every second. My soul is restless but it is whole.

In this dream, I can taste every fruit at once, flavors taking their time to know my tongue. I breathe in bliss and exhale every moment that came before this one. I carry a journal, that is home to my thoughts about how this city carries herself with effortless beauty; chaotic but grounded.

My head never falls low. I am an explorer, never staying still, all while standing secure in inspiration. I print my lips on wine glasses and smeared ink finds it’s way on my skin from all the poems written at some cliche café. In this dream, I am out of my element and alone, but I am found.

What? Can’t a girl dream?

Published by Katie

in love with words & this life of mine.

One thought on “A Dreamer’s Dream

  1. That’s interesting Katie because many times i dream about being in a city that i don’t know where it is but i have the feeling i know the city quite well, even if i’m totally lost 🙂 maybe it explains why i love to travel and discover new destinations 🙂 wishing you a wonderful 2020 🙂 cheers from Portugal, PedroL


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