A Sestina- for my nephew

Your little hands wrap around my finger

It was then that I understood how a heart

can grow in size, even for something so little.

Outside, the sun has just risen, the beams of light

shining on your delicate face.

I softly hum lullabies to you in the quiet.


There was one thing that never lasts: the quiet.

So I let you suck on my finger

and even try tickling your face

Though you’re screaming, you still have my heart.

You help me remember what it feels like to feel light,

and it reminds me of when I was little.


When I was little,

the house was never quiet.

I decorated my room with Christmas lights

and learned math on my fingers.

I spent my days doodling flowers and hearts

and multiplication was the hardest thing I had to face.


There are some facts that I don’t want to face.

You will not always stay this little.

One day, someone will break your heart.

There is something to be found in the quiet.

Your mind is more valuable than your fingers.

The weight of the world is never light.


Though the world gets dark, you are my light.

Eventually there is always a darkness to face

that cannot be solved with fingers.

Oh, how I wish you could stay little

and remember what the world felt like quiet.

To still have a pure, untouched heart.


As we grow and hurt, so does our hearts.

For now, I tuck you in and turn on your night light.

We sit still, basking in the quiet

Before I leave, I notice your sweet face

and how it’s different but still little.

I already miss when your hands wrapped around my fingers.   

Published by Katie

in love with words & this life of mine.

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