“Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover”

Reminiscing on my summer of travels. I traveled to California, NYC, Saranac Lake, Gatlinburg, Florida, North Carolina- and I can’t choose a favorite. It was so magical to find the little treasures within each place. To think that people lived there. Memories happened there. Each person who calls that place their home has a local gem they hold close to their heart. We all have ’em, right? This gem is from a local bookstore in Asheville, North Carolina. ‘Blind Date With A Book’. It gives a little description of what the book entails but no true concrete details, no imagery. Just, “thoughtful. beautiful. heartbreaking. colorful.”

It made me think about how I really love this approach. You see someone and you just pay attention to the outside details: what they look like, what they wear, their demeanor. You never see their true description or characteristics.

People don’t wear “Mysterious, wildly imaginative. An epic adventure” or “Emotionally intense. Fierce. Brave.” on their sleeves. All we see is what they choose to show us and what meets our eye.

How cool would it be if they did wear what’s on the inside, on the outside? Would we pay more attention to each person? I wonder how many people who we think we know, would shock us. How many people we think wear “cranky and rude” as “misunderstood, lost, and alone” or even “compelling and goes beneath the surface”?

If we really wore some of our truest characteristics on our sleeves, what do you think yours would be?

I think mine would be “Creative. Anxious but adventurous. Teachable.”

Comment below, i’m curious.

Published by Katie

in love with words & this life of mine.

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