The Meaning Behind My ‘Create’ Tattoo




to bring (something) into existence.

I believe one of the main reasons I was put on this earth is to  c r e a t e .

To create a life of happiness and passion. To bring light and creativity into existence for others and for myself. My whole life i’ve been creating – creating works of art, creating different worlds and feelings and images through my writing, creating photos that evoke emotion through filters and edits, creating the colorful surroundings that I put myself in.

The word ‘create’ is a verb because it is the striking of the match that ignites the fire within my soul. This fire has never burned so bright and will never extinguish.

All my life has been centered around me bringing things to life, whether it’s art or words or happiness…

This tattoo is so important to me because I’m unsure about many things but one thing I’m for sure of is that I am a creator and I don’t plan on stopping creating anytime soon.

Published by Katie

in love with words & this life of mine.

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