6 Things My Dogs Have Taught Me

If you follow my social media, then you’re more than aware of my love for dogs and other animals. I’m surrounded by pups day in and day out and I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. When you’re around dogs as much as I am, you start learning from them and noticing the way they act towards certain things. Believe it or not, my dogs have taught me so many important lessons and have made me a better human. Here’s just a few of the traits my dogs exhibit more than I, or any other human, ever could:

1. Loyalty without limits.

Dogs are known for their loyalty to their human(s), doing whatever it takes to keep them calm, happy, and safe. Whenever I’m feeling sad, it’s as if my dogs sense me feeling down and they rest their head on my lap making sure I know that I’m not alone. And they’ll listen to me go on and on about my problems and never tell anyone.. Ha! Isn’t that the best?

2. Be the reason behind someone’s smile.

Whether I’m having a ruff day (lol get it?) or an awesome day, my dogs always seem to make me smile. No matter what they do, even something as little and silly as them laying on their backs, they are constant reminders of joy. I think this is something every dog owner understands and I think it’s something we can all learn from. You never know what’s going on with someone, it’s important to be kind and make them smile.

3. Love everyone, no matter who they are…

….except if they’re the mailman. Just kidding. But seriously, my sweet pups always greet people with lots of kisses and lovin’. More than anything, they’re just really excited another human is loving them back and giving them attention. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like, or where you come from, dogs love every bit of you. I think that’s something we can all learn from pups.

4. Celebrate everything.

Whether it’s going potty, bringing in the newspaper from outside, or getting the ball that was thrown, celebrate it! Our dogs do, so why shouldn’t we? Getting rewarded and excited for completing little tasks do not have to be limited to our pets. Sometimes the little things can be the hardest and most-dreaded things to do. So, be excited to go get the newspaper. Be proud of yourself for actually getting up and doing something – even if it is just going to the bathroom.

5. Always forgive

Dogs are so quick to forgive you. I do lots of things that my dogs don’t really like, such as going to class or work and having to leave them (the saddest experience) or not really being in the mood to give belly rubs. They do lots of things that I don’t really like too, such as chewing up my converse or digging a hole in the front yard. No matter what it is, we always forgive each other and move on because we remember what’s really important: having each other. In life, it’s so important to forgive others, no matter how big or small, which I know is easier said than done, but it’s a bigger burden on your shoulders carrying a grudge rather than just letting it go, moving on, and focusing on the  better things.

6. Unconditionality

Through the good, the bad, and the ugly, your pup will still love you endlessly. It’s a trait that I wish blended into all humans but only a few are as compassionate and loving. Sweet puppy, Mocha, is 9 weeks young and she’s currently in the process of getting potty trained. She still makes mistakes, which means we have to scold her when she does. When we do, she knows she’s in trouble and getting yelled at but still continues to give us kisses and wag her tail. Even when we’re in tired moods where the last thing we want to do is throw the ball or play, they still love us. No matter who we are, what our home looks like, what kind of music we listen to, clothes we wear, etc., they love us no matter what, without limits.



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