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Okay so a few people have messaged me and ask how I take my photos. My passion is creating new and pleasurable things that resemble my outlook so naturally, I love photography and always have- from thinking of an idea, to setting up and laying out the photo, to editing the photo to my standards and aesthetic. It is something that fulfills my soul. And something to shock you- I do not own a professional camera. I take also my photos on my iPhone 6s. So, it just goes to show you do not need a fancy camera to take cool photos and make your Instagram aesthetically pleasing!

So, let’s get into more detail as to how we can take better photos!

  • Find the subject. Use inspiration. The first thing I do when taking a photo for Instagram is obviously, think of what I want the photo to look like and depict. I mostly get my inspiration from different Instagram accounts or Pinterest, or sometimes I just use my surroundings and put items together and voila! – a pretty photo is taken.
    • Some of the creative accounts that I follow that I absolutely adore are: @bookishbronte – she is a bookstagrammer and uses photoshop so elegantly and creatively! She also shows how she does each photo which is super inspiring and helpful! 

                   @allthatisshe – her photos are unique and pleasing- not too mention, her family                       is the most precious ever!

                   @pluswonderland – uses flowers in an extraordinary way and feed just caters to                      your soul, no matter who you are. 

                   @orionvanessa – if you want a more modern kind of feel, I recommend                                 following her account because not only is her feed a sight for shining eyes-                          she is a writer too! And has the most beautiful captions and outlook.

  • Okay, so now that we’re inspired and have our photo layout, we can take the photo. NATURAL LIGHTING IS KEY. You can definitely tell the difference between a photo that is taken with flash or artificial light vs. one taken in natural light. Natural light makes the photo more clear, precise, and brighter. It is best to have the sun facing you so the light is shining on you, rather than going against the sun, making your subject darken. But make sure it isn’t too bright!


  • Use different perspectives. BE UNIQUE. This sounds self-explanatory but seriously, people think it’s cool when there’s different outlooks on things than just the ‘norm’. Took a selfie? Spice it up. Put flowers in your hair. Turn to the side. Turn the whole photo sideways. It’ll feel foreign and weird at first but, it makes it all the more fun to look at.IMG_6398IMG_6399


  • Use your space wisely. As you can see from the above photos, there’s a lot of white negative space in my photos. This is primarily because my aesthetic is mostly white backgrounds to enhance the subject of the photo and simplicity. But whatever you want your aesthetic to be, that’s up to you! Just make sure it all flows together in harmony. The negative space definitely has a huge part in the photo and can make it all the more interesting and pleasing to look at. That being said, it can make or break the photo.
    • So sometimes, you will LOVE a photo but it doesn’t fit in with your feed because of the surroundings and background, post it on your Instagram story! Highlight is so it’s still on your feed for people to see but it isn’t interfering with your aesthetic layout.


  • Edit your photos the same way. Instagram filters aren’t necessarily terrible but I don’t favor most of them. Personally, I use the app ‘Afterlight‘ – it’s been so long since I’ve downloaded it, I can’t remember if it’s free or costs but it’s worth every penny, I assure you. (For me at least). This editing app is amazing because it features various forms of editing tools such as: brightness, contrast, saturation, highlights, shadows, temperature, etc. On top of that, there are so many different presets to choose from! They are divided into different sections and have multiple filters to choose from once you click on them. For me, I want bright colorful photos! So I use the filter ‘Idaho’ under the ‘Guest’ set and I use this for every photo to make sure they all flow together on my grid. There is also a part for cropping/flipping/overlaying your photo, and cool light filters you can put on your photo to make it more interesting! 


  • Take photos of different things besides yourself, and spread it out! Yes, you’re beautiful and wonderful but life is so much more than just you! Show the Instagram world your outfit for the day, the shoes you just got, a doodle in your journal, or the new addition to your bookshelf. People love seeing your dogs and your adventures and your creations, so share it with them! But make sure to spread them out. Many professional Instagrammers strategically place their photos to make sure it coincides with one another and balances their feed out. IMG_6563.PNGAs you can see here, most of my photos are spread out evenly. There’s photos of my bookshelf, me, my dog, a still life, me, my eyes, my dog. Variety is what keeps the viewer’s eyes moving around your feed and also makes it all the more interesting.


  • PRO TIP: MAKE SURE YOUR COMPOSITION IS ALIGNED, AND STRAIGHT. Afterlight and Instagram both have pop-up grids when editing photos to make sure they are straight and aligned. It just makes the photo more pleasing to the eye. 


    Thanks for reading! I know this is a bunch of info but it is so helpful and has helped me tremendously! If you’d like to follow me, my instagram can be found here: @katieuckotter.

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