I am building a home

where the floors are made up of strength that creaks with courage in each step that walks all over it,

where the walls are created with confidence and comfort.

where the roof roars with security and forgiveness; it protects me from the tsunami tides but decides the sun should still shine through.


I am building a home

where the windows will never shatter and the carpet soaks up the tear stains.

where there is wisdom on its bookshelves,

and a vase filled with love-

all the love that I’ve grown, finally blossomed.


I am building a home

a home that will give me the sun,

in all of its beautiful saturation and warmth

when the white blizzard hits.

a home that will dedicate the ice glaciers to me

and remind me of the brisk breeze

when it gets too feverish for me.


It will not matter if you walk out of the door

of my home

because when you flood your house with tears,

mine will be dry.

when your cold becomes unbearable,

I will be warm within my four walls.

when your roof caves in on you,

I will not be there to shelter you.

you will not make a temporary home out of me.

Published by Katie

in love with words & this life of mine.

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