Black and White’s Love

without warning, the monotone sky gushes down and entangles me with its dreariness. it’s not an ugly sight but more so just heartbreaking. dull and lifeless. but the more i pay attention to my surroundings during this dreadfulness, the more i adapt and find beauty within. the grey, windy, rainy days resonate well with me. i feel like they are empathizing with my journey and trying to join in so i’m not alone.

grey skies. that’s so broad- i feel like i’m not giving Mother Nature enough credit on her masterpiece. it’s more like Black and White had the most romantic love of all time and the product of their passion was the different shades of grey in the sky. it was the type of love that softens your heart and clings to you. that love that refreshes you.

not everything is sunshine and cloudless skies but that doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful. it’s not just a dreadful, rainy day. it’s more of a day where the rain flushes down like a streaming river and cleanses your broken soul. the water is cold and makes you feel things you wish you hadn’t- but nevertheless, it helps you flourish.

although the storm entangles me with its dreariness, it does not consume me. i dance with the raindrops and celebrate Black and White’s compassion.



  • In one of my classes, we had about five minutes to write about something that’s ugly but seeing the beauty within it. this was the product + a few extra sentences i just added. but mostly, it is just a documentary of my spontaneous thought when given this instruction and i felt it was not necessary to edit at all. sometimes the words that flow out of you at random bursts are the ones that people hold on to and appreciate the most. also, i’ve been very insecure and iffy about my writing recently. i don’t know why considering i’ve never feared displaying my rawest emotions and thoughts for everyone to see but i feel like my platform is shifting and i fear disappointment and disapproval with my words. (honestly, at this point, i’m just rambling and clicking on the keys just for shits and giggles). so to sum this up, this is not my best work and i know that. and it’s okay. someone will enjoy it, maybe… possibly. hopefully. if not, i enjoy it. but still, i want to put it on the internet because it might be small and silly and needs some editing. however, it’s something.

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