it was autumn. the sun rose earlier than normal, enveloping the world with light once again. those iridescent rays touched the hidden parts of those leaves and brought them to life once again. the mornings were so cold. brisk and bleak. the light from the sun was still touching those leaves but oh, how lonely and cold they were.

the afternoons got warmer. not always. the air would change so abruptly and it was like running into a wall but that beautiful sun was always smiling and glowing. somehow the change of weather never failed to surprise. the leaves would wake up to empty, chilled air but later it’d be cozy, lukewarm air. it was both irritating and inspiring. the way the fall weather fluctuated and somehow the leaves still loved it.

the leaves changed. their green vibrancy slowly morphed into an ombre vibrancy of fiery red and burnt orange and dandelion yellow. they clung to the tree so they could dance with the weather’s breeze in the morning and sunbathe with the birds in the sunny afternoon.

the saturated leaves fell. the trees let go and the leaves gave in to the weather. they fell bit by bit and then all at once. the leaves fell like they were meant to- as if they could control it but didn’t want to. and once the leaves fell, they were dead but they looked so alive. still so admirable, vivid, and crisp.

as the suns rays shined so bright and reached. as the weather changed its mind a million times. as the leaves lost themselves and fell for the weather, one thing remained.

the beauty of it all.

it’s all a beautiful process. the leaves would never change from their monotone kelp green if it wasn’t for the fluctuation of the weather. they would have never fell for the moody weather if it wasn’t for the constant brightness from the sun. they are dead and cracked but remain a rustic-kind-of-beautiful. and all they know is they gave in and fell for the weather but they don’t see it. they don’t see their beauty and that their rebirth is coming and they will tango with the weather again and the rays from the sun will meet them and finally engulf them with a warmth that will never leave them.

whatever season you’re in, find the beauty within it. you might have fell for something that made you feel emotionally, spiritually, mentally dead but you still possess so much beauty and you don’t even know what’s coming for you. seasons change and so will you. this moment, this feeling, this stagnancy is not forever.

Published by Katie

in love with words & this life of mine.

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