the universe’s muse

in case you needed to hear this, you are stitched together with stardust and yellow thread. there is magic pumping through your veins like the way your oversized heart pumps in your chest. it’s the kind of magic that will make every effort to find heaven and earth to make them yours. you are the rain forest and the humid air. you are autumn leaves and the crisp breeze blowing through your hair. the Sahara cannot compare to your beauty. you are like the moon – showing up just so the stars don’t feel lonely in the darkness. being surrounded by millions of those stars but still outshining all of them. even the blissful blue waves dance to your rhythm and song.

i know you might wonder, how can you be everything. how can you feel everything so deeply yet feel even more insignificant. how you can be your safest place but also your worst enemy. where do you go to run from yourself.

but never forget, the constellations in the night sky are made up from the freckles on your cheek. your soul inspires rainbows. when you love, you give your all and when it rains, it pours. you are the universe’s muse. you are the source of light in the dark night, the hiding spot from terror. the seamstress threading all the torn, mismatched pieces together. you have never gone down without a fight. and i think even if you could run from yourself, you wouldn’t. there’s too much warrior in you.

remember who you are. acknowledge your strength, beauty, and growth and hold tight to it. the universe is inside of you and it is magical.

Published by Katie

in love with words & this life of mine.

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