a letter to silence

dear silence,

i hear you screaming for me to notice

and i do

i notice you


i used to fear you

especially in solitude

there were no interruptions

to drown out the negative voices

there were no distractions

to numb the pain


maybe i was afraid when you weren’t there,

that my demons would make me drown quicker

than they swam in my head

after all, my thoughts seem to

find a megaphone when i’m all alone


but the storm passes,

and now my solitude

is when i find you the loudest

but nevertheless, the most soothing


that night, you screamed at me

pay attention to the tranquility

of the atmosphere after a forceful storm

listen to the solace

it will embrace you in comfort and peace

because we fear the storm,

not the calm winds blowing against our skin afterwards


and that’s when i realized

i never feared you,

i was afraid of my mind


during those restless moments

where time stood still

– yet i could feel the clocks heartbeat,

when my words were in slumber

it dawned on me

that the stillness in silence

is made up of moments that reveal the truth


and as i write this

i am embraced in you

i notice you and i am not afraid

Published by Katie

in love with words & this life of mine.

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