it was autumn. the sun rose earlier than normal, enveloping the world with light once again. those iridescent rays touched the hidden parts of those leaves and brought them to life once again. the mornings were so cold. brisk and bleak. the light from the sun was still touching those leaves but oh, how lonelyContinue reading “autumn”

the universe’s muse

in case you needed to hear this, you are stitched together with stardust and yellow thread. there is magic pumping through your veins like the way your oversized heart pumps in your chest. it’s the kind of magic that will make every effort to find heaven and earth to make them yours. you are theContinue reading “the universe’s muse”

a letter to silence

dear silence, i hear you screaming for me to notice and i do i notice you   i used to fear you especially in solitude there were no interruptions to drown out the negative voices there were no distractions to numb the pain   maybe i was afraid when you weren’t there, that my demonsContinue reading “a letter to silence”

better days

there are days where my darkness decides to take a breath of fresh air. i never thought about how exhausting it could be to nag at someone’s mind unceasingly, to suffocate their heart constantly. there are never good days, never great days – just ‘better’ days. these are the days where the surface enclosing inContinue reading “better days”