his eyes held a great depth to them that i could not quite put my finger on. you could get lost in searching for the sorrow in them but you could see the light in them just as much. his eyes were evergreen – timeless, beautiful, and holy.

his eyes gave me life. they told me more stories than his words ever did. when he was upset, they would drown themselves in water – the gentle, soft waves flooded against his skin. when he was joyful, it was like looking at the skyline of the city at nighttime – everything was dark but the light was what we pay attention to.

when i needed an escape, i took his face in my hands, and looked him in the eyes. i got lost in those eyes, those eyes that were a forest at sunset, those sanctuary eyes.

the more i searched, the more i realized i would never find what i was looking for. because as divine and honest as an evergreen is, it is merely just one tree amongst the whole forest.

Published by Katie

in love with words & this life of mine.

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