“She will not only climb mountains, she will move them too.” – a line from my favorite poem, Her Time by Lang Leav.

Ever since I read this, these words have been laced thoroughly into the back of mind. The poem as a whole is extremely compelling; however, this specific line in itself is undoubtedly captivating and charismatic.

You see, in life, we all have our mountain. They come in the shapes of everyday struggles, early-life crisis’, mind-wrestling days, internal battles, anxiety and stress, or even just rainy days. We are all climbing our mountain, everyday, whether we realize it or not. Some days are better than others and it feels like you’re finally getting closer to the top. Other days you just feel very stagnant, like you’re never going to go anywhere so you inhale and exhale, and take a break. And other days it feels like you’ve been knocked right back down to the bottom.

But what i’ve come to realize is all of that, is perfectly okay. It’s okay to still be climbing your mountain. It’s okay to feel stuck. It’s okay to feel like you’re never going to pick yourself back up and make it to the other side. It is okay.

You are here. You are alive. You are breathing. I am here. I am alive. I am breathing. Both of us, me and you, have faced the steepest mountains. We have climbed to the highest peak. We started at the lowest point we could ever think of and now we’re here. We are here, breathing and living and existing. Wherever ‘here’ may be for you, I am proud of you. So extremely proud. Because as exhausting and aggravating and demanding and tear-jerking this climb is, and trust me, I know it is, you are still doing it. You are still climbing your mountain. And I still am climbing mine.

Not only am I going to climb my mountain, but with my faith and perseverance, I am going to move my mountain too. I am going to put two feet on the ground everyday, get out of bed, and face the calamity of this world. I am going to stretch my hands up to the sky up above and reach for that shining light. I am going to always look for that little silver lining and hold onto it as firm as I can- that tiny bit of hope, that itty bitty dose of encouragement, that small detail that could change my whole day around. I am going to wake up everyday and choose to believe that there’s more to life than this. I am going to hold on to the fact that sunflowers and swingsets and sunrises and sunsets and seventy degree days exist. I am going to take this world by storm even when it feels like my mind is going to explode. I am going to ache and scream and cry and complain until I can no longer. I am going to find that starlight inside of me and bring it back to life.  I am going to climb my mountain and move it too.

This permanent tattoo is a daily reminder for me that the mountains of discouragement, depression, heartache, loneliness, all of the worldly struggles that I face, is all temporary. It shows me that my mountain has shaped me into who I am and has become a part of me, literally and metaphorically. It is a reminder that I am strong and powerful and prepared to face and overcome my issues. Not only just that, but also own my troubles and find beauty within them. Because let’s face it, mountains hold the utmost amount of beauty and elegance. They are unbothered and confident. They are challenging to climb but once you get to the top, the view is breathtaking. You overcome it with a full heart and a complete soul. You find yourself within the climb. You look back on the misadventure and find grace within the climb so easily.

You not only climb your mountain, but you move it too.

Published by Katie

in love with words & this life of mine.

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