I Find God in A Turn Signal

I find God in a turn signalI find God in a turn signal. The road is my life and He is right next to me in the passenger seat and He reminds me, “My child, this trip – it’s not going to be easy. There are going to be bumps in the road. Pot holes, even. Hills going up and down that make the butterflies in your stomach flutter. Things are going to take you by surprise – one day, a deer could very well jump out in front of you. But i’ll be here to help you. You might decide to drive at your own speed, not the speed limit, and you might lose control. But i’ll be here to help you. A flat tire is always a possibility but luckily i’ve got a spare I could lend you. It’s not going to be easy, there are so many risks. It might not always be fun but I promises to be here with you throughout it all, guiding you, and encouraging you to the next destination, exactly where you need to be, exactly when you need it.

He leads me to a stop sign after a very lengthy, exhausting, whirlwind-kind-of drive. He says to me, “Stop. Breathe. Enjoy this life I have given you, hand it over to me. Trust me to take the wheel.” At this point, I’m too drained to even argue with God. So I let go and I let God. I let Jesus take the wheel, I turn up the tunes and kick my feet back, and I breathe. And by breathe I mean, I take the biggest sigh of relief.

Life is so much better with God as my chauffeur than my passenger. Recently, God has been my passenger. He’s always been with me, He’s always been telling me which ways to go but still, i’ve always had the wheel in my hands. Things started happening at my speed, not the speed limit. I kept taking short cuts because I figured that might be easier than risking getting lost or taking too much time to get to my next destination. But God doesn’t take short cuts. He is in no rush, no hurry. He takes the long way and He enjoys every second of it. He turns the tunes up and He smiles and laughs with me the whole way there, even through the hills and bumps and potholes. He knows where He’s going and what direction we’re headed in; He does not need a GPS or a roadmap.

So let Jesus take your wheel. (Channeling my inner Carrie Underwood right now). Hand over your life to Him and let Him take control and guide you. You might want to go left sometimes because that’s the “safe” route or the “fun” route. You might want to go straight because that’s what every other car is going. But God looks at you with the biggest smirk on His face and flips on His right turn signal. And it ends up being the bumpiest road of them all. There are some hills here and there as well. However, God is on your side and He has the wheel and He’s never made a mistake before. He would never harm you or put you in a position where you could not handle it. He’s got you. He sees the worry in your eyes when He goes to make the turn and He says, “I am with you. Hold on tight. This is about to be a wild ride but it’s going to be so worth it.”

And it is a wild ride, this life of mine – but God’s right, it is SO worth it.

Published by Katie

in love with words & this life of mine.

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